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We are an Indian Economic Enterprise, located on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Aaniiih and Nakoda Tribes in northcentral Montana on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, providing professional services to the local, state and federal governments.

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Our mission is to provide economic assistance to primarily the Fort Belknap Indian Community, while expanding to all Montana federally-recognized tribes; to advance the social, cultural, and professional aspirations of individuals of the Aaniiih and Nakoda tribes and communities in which we participate, by leveraging opportunities to create sustainable businesses in the local, state and federal governments.

Our Mission

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How can an Indian Economic Enterprise help you?

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Congress has given Indian Economic Enterprises (IEE) unique rights in the federal procurement process to help fight poverty on federally recognized tribes. These rights provide for strong incentives for federal agencies and government contractors to work with IEE's.

A Family of Companies

The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC is the holding company for a group of Indian Economic Enterprises (IEE), Woman-Owned, Small Disadvantaged , HUBZone certified businesses. A holding company owns part, all, or a majority of other companies' outstanding stock. The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC does not produce goods or services itself; rather our purpose is to provide services to our own subsidiaries and manage the ownership of shares of subsidiaries.

Our family of companies provides services to local, state, and federal government agencies, including the Bureau of Indian Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, United States Department of Agriculture, state agencies, civilian agencies, and intelligence agencies.

Our Foundation Values

What Sets Us Apart

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We are proud of our reputation for excellence: a reputation based on our commitment to the highest ethical standards. At The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC our relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, and business partners must rest on a foundation of integrity and trust. Our success is dependent on each individual's commitment to these enduring values.

The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC supports the members of the American Indian communities that we represent by helping to provide employment opportunities and economic sustainability. We also participate in and develop initiatives to support the local communities where we operate and work.

We are an organization of people who value each other and who treat each other and their customers with the respect they deserve. We are committed to creating and fostering a work environment which demonstrates a mutual respect. At The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC, we believe our employees, customers, partners and communities are our #1 assets.

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Our Capabilities

  • Educational Support
  • Decolonization of Systems & Institutional Pedagogy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Program Management
  • Evaluations
  • Corporate/Business Operations Support
  • Law Enforcement/Security
  • Training
  • Office Administrative Services
  • Research and Development
  • Finance
  • PPE
  • Industrial Hemp Seed and Cultivation
  • Real Estate
  • Tiny Homes and Communities
  • Business Start-up Services
  • Notary Services
  • Event Planning/Productions

The specialized expertise from our individual companies and partners can help integrate our services directly with your mission. The collective strength of our family of companies provides a wide range of capabilities for your needs.

The Fort Belknap Indian Community is home to the Aaniiih and Nakoda, both signatory tribes of the Fort Laramie Treaties, and was established by an Act of Congress in 1851. Tribal enrollment is over 8,000 members, with about 3,200 living within the exterior boundaries of the 60 by 40-mile present-day tribal homelands. Located within the northern border of the Milk River Basin and nestled up against the southern border of the Little Rocky Mountains, the Aaniiih and Nakoda's land-base is well over 800,000 acres, owning over 95% of their land base. The Fort Belknap Indian Community has the highest poverty rate of any Montana Indian Reservation and the 5th highest unemployment rate, making our foundation and subsidiary companies critical pieces to sustainable economic development and community viability.

Company Leadership

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Main Office

376 Gros Ventre Ave.

Harlem, MT 59526

Tel: (406) 344-2209

Email: foxyfilesteel@gmail.com

Copyright 2023. The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Ocean Waves

Water is Life!

Help us educate the Aaniiih and Nakoda People about Water Rights prefaced by the Winter's Doctrine because we are the Winter's Doctrine Tribes...

Committed to providing water in perpetuity for our children & grandchildren

The Winter's Doctrine originates with the Fort Belknap Indian Community, home to the Aaniiih and Nakoda Peoples. Indian reserved water rights were first recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in Winters v. United States in 1908. Under the Winters doctrine, when Congress reserves land (e.g., for an Indian reservation), Congress also reserves water sufficient to fulfill the purpose of the reservation.

Fighting for our Water


Comprised of Aaniiih and Nakoda members, a separate working group will analyze the current Fort Belknap Indian Community Water Settlement for educational purposes, with the best interest of the membership's future water supply, land base, and economic sustainability central to its' purpose. Once S.2226 makes it's way through the legislative process, the membership will vote to accept the final water settlement as is (or not), prior to it becoming law. Water is Life and we need to put our best foot forward in educating our membership about this 2nd Treaty Making Era from an objective standpoint, independent of the governing body, who are being advised by Department of Interior attorneys and water engineers.

Click here to Contact your MT Senators

Tell them you DO NOT support the FBIC Water Settlement as it is written

Dedicated to water in perpetuity for the Aaniiih & nakoda


Current Tribal Enrollment


Projected Tribal Enrollment by 2050


Projected Tribal Enrollment by 2075

Will S.1987 provide for Water in Perpetuity as our Ancestors intended when they signed our Treaties with the US Government, ceding millions of acres of Land and Natural Resources?

Proposed water Projects worth 1.3 Billion?

Make a difference

donate for this cause

Copyright 2023. The Foxy Filesteel Foundation, LLC. All rights reserved.